Family Owned & Operated

A family run business since 1998, Alpha and Omega Pest Control is dedicated to offering quality pest control services and building long-term relationships with our customers. Thorough inspections are integral to our business and our licensed technicians do their best to accurately assess your individual pest problem and offer the necessary solution(s) to get rid of whatever is bugging you the first time.

Our owner, Tim Davis, has trained his technicians to take as much time as is necessary, use as much product as is needed to be effective longterm, educate the customer along the way, and do it all at a fair price.

Full Pest Protection

Beyond offering general pest control services for residential and commercial facilities located in both the Johnson and Tarrant County area, we also specialize in trapping and relocating fuzzy four-legged creatures. Whether it has four, six, or eight legs, we are "licensed to kill" any insect or pest that is bugging you at your home or office. We are a family run business and we treat each customer as part of the family! We appreciate the chance to be your "first and last call" when it comes to pest control.

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