Termite Control

Here in Texas there is no greater Pest Threat than the one posed by the Subterranean Termite! As you probably already know, Termites primary food source is wood and the framework of your home is made of their favorite type of wood. Termites cause billions of dollars in damage to homes, offices, and buildings of all types annually but they can be controlled! We at Alpha and Omega Pest Control take no prisoners when it comes to killing termites! When you are dealing with an insect that eats wood, it is imperative that you not only choose the right company to control them but also a company who has partnered with the right product to give you the best barrier that money can buy! That is why we are partners with BASF the manufacturers of Termidor which is bar none the leading product available for controlling Termites. Follow this link to view a full color brochure of Termidor SC. https://www.termidorhome.com/pdf/Termidor-Brochure.pdf

At Alpha and Omega Pest Control we realize that your home is one of your greatest assets and we take protecting it from Termites very seriously! That is why we give you a complete treatment to cover all entry points that termites use when we treat your home for termites. Protection starts from the inside/out and we believe that when you use a great product like Termidor and you apply it in a way that is proven to be most effective, you can rest assured that your customer’s home is safe and protected for years to come against the threats of termites!

If you have termites or just want an inspection for termites, call the Pest Pro’s at Alpha and Omega for a free evaluation and estimate today. We will thoroughly inspect your property from the top down to give you an honest and professional opinion that you can trust. If we find evidence of termites we will show you the problem and then draw up a treatment plan specific to your property that will detail the size of your home, the amount of material needed, exactly what is included for the job and an accurate price to provide you with a complete treatment of protection.

Don’t trust your homes protection to just any old exterminator! Let Alpha and Omega Pest Control be “Your First and Last Call” for Complete Termite Protection!